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Ten-Day Super Yacht Steward/ess / Deckhand Training Course

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LEARN the "Super Yacht Theory" at home on your laptop & complete the "Practical Lessons" at Crew Pacific's Training Facilties by choosing the 2021 Course Dates!!

Full Course Cost: $3250.00AUD

Cost of Theory: $2000.00AUD   Cost of Practical: $1250.00AUD

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NOVEMBER 15TH -26TH 2021

Course Dates for 2022 will be Launched in Late November/Early Decmeber 2021

What is the Ten-Day Steward/ess / Deckhand Training Course?

Welcome to Crew Pacific's Internationally Recognized TEN-Day Super Yacht Steward/ess/ Deckhand Training Course. This is the first ten day Steward/ess/Deckhand course to be developed in the world of yachting. This course has been specifically designed and tailored for the International Super Yacht industry.

The ten day super yacht steward/ess/deckhand course consists of the 2 day super yacht induction course; 5 day super yacht Steward/ess course, & the 5 Day super yacht deckhand course PLUS;

  • Wine Appreciation
  • Cocktail making & presentation
  • Barista & Coffee making
  • Floral arrangement & care

The course is ‘Internationally’ Recognized by seven International Crewing Agencies around the world, including Crew Pacific, who will assist you into full-time employment.
This course is aimed at those with and without previous knowledge and experience in the maritime industry, or suited to those that would like to work both “Inside & Outside” on board a super yacht. This course will provide you with the skills and knowledge required to be a stew/deckhand or just a steward/ess on an international super yacht. The advantage of this course is that it provides you with three job opportunities such as; Deckhand, stewardess or stew/deckhand positions.

           Crew Pacific's 8 Day Steward/ess Deckhand Course
Modules covered in the Ten-Day Steward/ess / Deckhand Training Course

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What are some of the “Hands on Skills” will I be learning?

  • Preparation of varnishing a yacht
  • Paint repair, maintaining teak decks
  • Maintaining and trouble shooting a 4 stroke engine at sea
  • Using International cleaning products on a super yacht
  • Will do an onboard excursion on a super yacht
  • Splicing and coiling ropes on a super yacht
  • Complete an excursion to Cairns International Maritime college
  • How to crane a tender/jet ski on and off the yacht while at sea.
  • Cabin detailing
  • Complete a 3 course practical lunch
  • Laundry techniques
  • You will make two floral arrangements & learn how to care for flowers onboard a super yacht
  • Make up to six fashionable cocktails and learn how to garnish cocktails correctly
  • Learn how to maintain your coffee machines, and make some great coffees that will tantalize your taste buds
  • Wine appreciation- pairing wines with different food choices, & working with overseas wines

Why should I do the Ten-Day Steward/ess / Deckhand Training Course?

  • It will give you the “leading edge” over other crew applying for positions
  • It will give you the skills, confidence and knowledge of what your job entails as a steward/ess/deckhand on board a super yacht
  • It will prepare you for the “ins and outs” of the International Super Yacht industry.
  • It will help you to work your way up the ranks more effectively and professionally.
  • It will explain to you how to interact with high profile guests.
  • It will increase your employment opportunities within the interior and exterior of a super yacht

How much does the Ten-Day Steward/ess / Deckhand Training Course cost?

The Ten-Day Super Yacht Steward/ess / Deckhand Training Full Course Cost is $3250.00AUD

You can NOW LEARN the theory at home on your laptop and complete the Practical at a later date in 2021!!


Crew Pacific Deckhand CourseWhere is the Ten-Day Steward/ess / Deckhand Training Course held?

The course will be held at Crew Pacific’s training venue Traders Lane 2b/117 Anderson Street, Manuda Cairns 4870

After I have completed the Ten-Day Steward/ess / Deckhand Training Course what do I get out of it?

  • A comprehensive Training Manual is supplied at the start of the Course and upon Course completion you receive a Certificate of Competency.
  • You will be supplied with a list of the Recommended International Crewing Agents who recognise the Steward/ess/Deckhand Training Courses and will assist you into future employment around the world.
  • You will have the knowledge and tools to assist you into future employment aboard an International Super Yacht.
  • Crew Pacific supplies continuous support, guidance and employment opportunities even after you have completed the Course.
  • You will automatically become part of Crew Pacific’s database for future employment.

What are the dates of the Ten-Day Steward/ess/Deckhand Training Course?


  • MAY 31ST - JUNE 11TH 2021
  • JUNE 21ST -2ND JULY 2021
  • JULY 19TH - 30TH 2021
  • AUGUST 9TH -20TH 2021
  • SEPTEMBER 13TH -24TH 2021
  • OCTOBER 4TH -15TH 2021
  • NOVEMBER 15TH - 26TH 2021

NOTE: We recommend that you obtain your STCW95 ticket (preferably AMSA endorsed) before or immediately after our Training Courses. This ticket is a requirement for working aboard all International Super Yachts. View this page for information on where you can obtain your STCW95 AMSA endorsed tickets.

How do I enrol for the Ten-Day Steward/ess / Deckhand Training Course?

You can enrol directly on-line - Click on this link for the  Ten-Day Steward/ess/Deckhand Training Course Enrolment Form and complete the form with your personal details and credit card information, taking care to fill in the correct dates you wish to attend the Course.


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