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crew testimonials

What Captains Say About Crew Pacific's Recruitment Services

Dear Joy


I would like to take the time to thank you so much for all the wonderful work and help you have given me over the last year in the placement of crew aboard “’M.Y MOON SAND”.

It was nice to know there is a crew agency in this industry that is more than just a crew agency and that the thoughts and requirements of the captain are taken into consideration when crew placement is required.

Once again thank you for your help and your friendly personal service.

Captain Paul Jukes
M.Y Moon Sand


19 March 2008

Andiamo has been using the services of Crew Pacific for the last two years whilst we have been cruising in the South Pacific.

We have used Crew Pacific to employ both temporary and permanent crew.

Joy Weston and her staff have always been quick and efficient in finding candidates. They obviously have a large database of qualified individuals.

Joy and her team have always been a pleasure to work with and have always been very professional in their dealings with us.

Based on our past relationship, we will continue to use Crew Pacific during our future travels.

Raymond Heer
MY Andiamo


I have been working closely with Joy Weston of Crew Pacific since December of 2007 until present searching for crew on the yacht Ke Ama II, a luxury 80ft. Graham Radford designed vessel.  Joy has provided me with several candidates, and has taken every precaution to send me applicants who possess the qualifications and experience for the job requirements we have outlined for her. 

If, in the future, we need further crew placement, I will of course contact Ms. Weston without hesitation as she has proven her professionalism to me and I have a great deal of confidence and faith in her.

Naylene Vuurens-Smith
Managing Director  SY Ke-Ama II


To achieve the best results with in this industry there is nothing more important than providing the best service available. Being a captain in the super-yacht industry the key rule is to provide the best well established crew available. Every owner wants to feel their service is second to none and the more diverse the crew skills are the more results I achieve as a captain.

This brings me to Crew Pacific, run by Joy Weston and her staff. They have offered to Australia the ability for a Captain/Owner to feel that when a vessel travels so far away from the usual hubs and support networks, that there will be at all times the back up of well trained crew. Crew Pacific personally trains their Stewardesses/Stewards and their interview process allows for a simple phone call knowing the best results per the owners requirements will be meet. I have been involved with Crew Pacific since my return to Australia over 3 years ago and personally visited their training facility. After this, I have constantly passed on Joys' services to captains abroad and have guided crew wanting to start within the industry on to Crew Pacific.

Crew Pacific provides the best results to young people looking for a start in a well documented industry struggling for well trained personell. I could not imagine looking for crew within Australia to provide the standard required without the help of Crew Pacific. Interviews from abroad with no knowledge of training achieved and no personal contact would only result into high crew turn over which in turn would reflect on the whole crew structure.

Crew Pacific take this worry away from us and also they are moving forward in training. I can only wish them the best result and will look forward to working closely with them for a long time ahead.

Capt Jason Chambers
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 This is a testimonial for Crew Pacific and in particular, Joy Western, who we have been dealing with since the business was started. During this time I have found that Joy has gone beyond the norm to give the best service possible for all parties and in some cases even for those that she has not been directly connected with. I’m very happy to give my support and any assistance I can supply at any time to help promote Crew Pacific in growing the business.

Tony Smith

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