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How Registration Works

how crew pacific works1. When Crew Pacific obtains your resume, we view this and scan through it to ensure you have followed our registration requirements. If you have not provided on your resume what we have requested , we will send you an e-mail stating what you need to provide to us.

2. Crew Pacific completes a full e-mail reference check on all crew who register. Crew Pacific does not submit resumes to yacht positions until their file is fully complete with the following details:

  • Resume is fully complete – as requested in registration policies
  • Three referee checks are completed and answered
  • Two or more written references are in the file
  • Chefs/cooks have 7 day menu plans and photo portfolios in place

3. Once your file is fully complete, Crew Pacific will e-mail you with confirmation and any positions that are available which suit your skills and qualifications.

4. Crew that have their file fully complete with Crew Pacific and meet theyachts criteria; “Skills and Qualifications”, will get first option to the positions arising through the office before they are posted onto the Crew Pacific web-site.

5. Crew Pacific informs all crew about jobs via e-mail so it is important that you check your e-mails on a regular bases.  It is important that you read the “job descriptions” we send to you carefully and reply back to Crew Pacific with the correct answers in place immediately:

  • Current Location
  • Availability and interest

Any delays can jeopardise your resume getting to the yacht and your chances of employment.

6. Once your resume is submitted to the yacht and you are short listed for an interview,  Crew Pacific will either email or phone you informing you of the yachts name and the person who will be contacting you. It is the responsibility of the crew member to inform Crew Pacific how the interview went or if they were offered the position.

7. If you are accepted by the Captain or Owner after an interview, either the yacht or Crew Pacific will inform you that you have secured the position.

8. Once you start on the yacht, you have a 6 week probation period. If you should not work out, the yacht does not pay Crew Pacific the one month placement fee.

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