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I completed Crew Pacific’s 8 day stewardess course in April 2010. The course was an eye opening experience as I thought that it would mainly revolve around the service aspect, and having a strong hospitality background, was thinking piece of cake. Well, I was a good way. Service turned out to be only one component of eleven. This course has provided me with knowledge and skills that would have otherwise taken years to acquire, thus giving me a running start within the industry.  Joy’s course has also allowed me to grow and be a better server within the hospitality industry, proving to me that it was money well spent being able to transfer the content over several aspects in my career. I have now obtained a job on a yacht and look forward to being able to put my training into practice. I would 100% recommend others to complete Crew Pacific’s courses to help give them a running start into the industry. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

After the first day of the Crew Pacific Stewardess course all I could say was “Oh my God”!!! Joy filled our heads with information from everything to international customs to folding diamonds on toilet roll paper! We were folding napkins, tying knots, tasting wine, meeting Captains, practicing silver service, setting tables, and much, much more!!!
As you can gather the course is very hands on and a lot of fun! Joy really knows this industry well!!! The course is set out over eight days and involves all the basics of the Super Yacht industry.  I travelled up from Sydney not knowing anything about Super Yachts. I didn’t even know you could work on them let alone begin a career. So to begin with it was all very daunting, but eight exciting days later I feel I now have that extra knowledge behind me to start in this industry. Another five days later and Joy has already found me a job on a 52m sailing yacht and all of sudden I’m flying to Singapore! So two and half weeks later I went from thinking I might get a job in a month or so to flying out the day after my courses have finished!I couldn’t tell you enough how worthwhile the stewardess course has been. I have learnt so much from Joy and even scored a job before I could blink an eye!
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TIFFANIE WARD  Tiffanie Ward
Dear Joy,
just an email to thank you so much for what you taught me during the 8 day Super Yacht Stewardess training course.
I arrived in Antibes and there were so many people from so many countries all looking for work. I could hardly find a crew house with availability! The docks were full of dock-walkers, every morning the agencies had lines up to their doors. I applied on line to agencies and straight away was invited for interviews with them they were so impressed to see I had a stewardess course, and especially 8 days! There is a course here but it’s only 2 days. I don’t know how you could learn everything I did in just 2 days! I met people who had been here 8 weeks without 1 interview, after 7 days I had 3 interviews, a four day trial, and after 2 weeks I got employed!! I am working as Deck/Stew, I’m the only stew on board. I keep your manual beside my bed!! It helps me a lot and being the only stew I don’t have anyone to ask about what to do, so emailing you and reading your manual is my bible! Because of the economy it’s really hard to get work, for a stewardess with no course it’s pretty much impossible! I’m so glad I had this course otherwise I don’t think I would be employed now! I want to thank you again for all your help. I’m so happy on this yacht!
Tiffanie Ward
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KATEY BARTON  Katey Barton
It all started from a Google search to a few super yacht magazines, some industry books, then to an information evening. It was not long until I was booked into the highly anticipated Crew Pacific 8 day Stewardess Course. From my first phone call Joy Weston has been more then helpful answering my million what if, how do I, when can I, questions. Crew Pacific gets to know you, what you want, where you want to go, how to get out there and what not to do along the way. I am armed with so much knowledge, the 'bible book' we call it. Just how quickly I advanced and how much I learnt from having done the Stewardess Course is mind blowing. It is only now that I can confidently say I am ready for the wonderful world of Super Yachts. This is now the start of something big and I know I will always have a support network with my agent, Joy Weston!   
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I first found Crew Pacific on the internet while I was surfing looking at the yachting industry as a potential new career. I had several phone calls with Crew Pacific and a meeting when I decided to take part in the 8 day steward/ess course. I moved into the crew house while I completed my STCW95 and the following week commenced the steward/ess course. The course was fantastic, I learned and took so much from it. Joy really is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to the yachting industry. About 1 week after the course I received my first job email from Gabrielle. I put myself forward for the job, got called for an interview and secured my first job in a brand new Nordhavn 86. The job started off as a 4 week temp position which was then extended further. What else can I say? Joy and Gabrielle with Crew Pacific are amazing, they have given me so much guidance and support and given me a quick break into the industry I wanted to get into, I couldn’t thank them enough!
Rhys Turner
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I would like to thank Crew Pacific so much for the deckhand course. The information i learnt in the course will help me incredibly in the future. The amount of knowledge I got from the coure is incredible, and a lot more than i expected. I have been busy since I got back to the Coast, and I have been waiting to send you this e-mail to show my  appreciation. The course was enjoyable and a great learning curb for me. I can't wait to finish year 12 at the end of November and find a job on a yacht and gain some experience. I will be recommending the course to everyone and I will be keeping in contact over the next few months. Once again i thank you for training me in the course and show my  appreciation for it.

Dejay Mckinnon
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Six months ago i decided on a career change and fortunatly stumbled 
across the prospect of working on Internatioanl Super Yachts. I meet the team at Crew Pacific who have been fantastic in assisting me gain the required tools and knowledge to start my new journey. I have recently completed the 5 day Deckhand Course and I was extremely impressed with the level of serivce, information provided and most importantly a glimpse of what yachting is all about from their first hand experience. This knowledge was  invaluable and i defintely feel that i have an edge going into the job applicaiton proceess.

Jacinta Browne
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